Master in Applied Finance

Return on Education in the Know of Finance

Corporate Finance

Learn to deal with the corporate financial decisions and find more about the tools and analysis often used to make these decisions

Financial Risk Management

Gain an understanding of the main aspects of risk management in business and find more about how to analyze and quantify corporate risk

Investment Analysis

Discover how to use security valuation and portfolio management and study more about equity, debt and derivative markets learning about the key techniques used by financial traders.

Strong eductional fundation of:

  • advanced, real-world practical finance
  • investment analysis
  • portfolio and risk management
  • data management and technology
  • personal, behavioral and aspirational finance
  • ethics and professional standards
  • financial economics

Quick details

Duration: 24 months (2 years)

Attendance: in the University Campus

Scholarships: for EU citizens

Location: Bucharest

Return on Education in the know of Finance

Applied Finance is a field of study with methods and applications of identifying and solving issues in finances. Master in Applied Finance is a globally accepted course for students practicing in the industry of financial services. The program is designed to all students interested in finance, that are looking forward to gain knowledge in business area.